Commercial Services

SquareRoots, LLC food-waste pick-up service enables your business to truly go green in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  Reduce the amount of environment damaging waste that your business generates and improve your environmental profile! We can enhance your business image!  Partner with us today!

SquareRoots can accommodate your particular business container requirements
SquareRoots stainless commercial container

SquareRoots stainless steel
commercial waste container is
perfect for an office or professional
environment and holds up to 13 gallons!

SquareRoots medium commercial container

SquareRoots rugged round
commercial waste container is
sized for a small food-handling business
environment and holds up to 32 gallons!

SquareRoots large wheeled commercial container

SquareRoots large wheeled
commercial waste container is
just right for a restaurant
environment and holds up to 64 gallons!