Food Waste Pick Up and Compost Service

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Stop The WASTE!

40% of our food goes unused into the landfill!

You can eliminate food waste by recycling your unused food material into compost.
We know your time is important! SquareRoots takes the hard work out of composting.
  • SquareRoots is a food waste pick up and composting service that is specially designed for today's busy working family or successful business who desires to eliminate waste and enrich their environment.
  • We work with you to divert your food waste away from the landfill (or septic system) and process it into nutrient-rich compost, bokashi tea & worm castings that are ready to be used by plants, crops and gardens.
  • Regardless of whether you are crunched for time with work and kids, physically challenged or otherwise unable to turn and maintain a compost heap, or lack the space in which to do composting, SquareRoots can help!

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